So I live in Boston

It’s been a strange year, and I ended up moving to Boston. I had a short list of places I was looking for jobs in, including Chicago which I was really gunning for. At the end of it all I was offered a job in Michigan and a job in Boston and chose the latter to work on an awesome campaign.

So here is my completely irrelevant commentary about my new home.bos

  • People in Boston are fit! If I’m freezing and standing somewhere I usually only have to look to the side to see someone in shorts jogging. Bless ’em.
  • The one’s that aren’t running are smoking. Seriously, with cigarettes as high as they are here, I’m constantly shocked that I’m not the only one smoking. What gives?
  • The T system is magic. You wave your card to get on, and there are escalators everywhere. Sadly though the magic ends around 12:30am when the magic T goblins fall asleep?
  • Everything closes early, which astounds me. Boston is still a big city but there’s not a lot of night life. And so few 24 hour establishments!
  • The wonder of architecture: how did they build houses on these rolling hills? And how do those people jog up my street?
  • Boston is crazy segregated, surprisingly so for this Detroiter. And like lots of other places, the T doesn’t really go to the neighborhoods full of brown folks. Sigh.
  • Shit is expensive. I make a great salary for Michigan but I’m going to be constantly broke. I nearly doubled my rent to move here! I’ll include a donation link later. 😛
  • My cat Mango loves living alone so far, and I think I do too. But only for awhile! I miss living with others, or I will eventually.
  • I can finally enjoy lightly flavored seltzer water everyday!
  • I learned a few new things: never, ever think you can afford a cab from the airport, take the T because I get lost EVERY TIME I drive, particularly when I visit Alison in East Boston and end up in Cambridge on the way home, and pronounce things really strangely like “Quinzy” for “Quincy” and we all know about Wochester.
  • Also, don’t make eye contact in the train! Even if the midwesterner in me wants to say HI! to everyone!
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