Taking breaks

I just got back from a two-week vacation and I want to hold on to every moment. I worked during High School, 30 hours a week while going to College full-time, and have since worked 50-60+ a week doing organizing work. There was a brief 6 weeks in Mexico taking an intensive Spanish class in 2003, but mostly, I’ve worked a lot.

Photo Jun 12, 7 30 27 PM

So I took two full weeks and totally unplugged from work. I didn’t return calls, and I passed over all of my work to someone else. It was great, and it’s the littlest things that are sticking with me.

I’m thankful for the rich friendships I have with people that housed me. Kwame in Brooklyn, Carmen in Detroit, My dad and sister in Central Michigan, Meghan in Chicago, Angie in Madison, and Liz in Chicago. Each of them represents, in their own ways, significant parts of my life that rarely overlap and certainly don’t get experienced in the same week.
Photo Jun 12, 7 40 58 PM

Photo Jun 13, 8 31 29 PM

Photo Jun 14, 9 22 32 AM

In New York City, Kwame, Alison and I went to the Big Fat Flea (a plus size thrift clothing event) and sat in what are probably the only comfortable seats in all of Manhattan. Kwame and I had great thai food and watched playoff hockey. I met my comrade Marsha for coffee and was reminded how much she knows about me and my trajectory, and how much I trust her instincts on my movement work. I also got to see my other dear comrade Mischa for a beer and traded stories of our work in the Locals we landed in. So proud of him (and me!). It was great to talk to him a little too about healing from depression and finally having a plan in place that keeps me safe. These are the kinds of conversations that happen easily with old friends.

In Detroit, I got to have my favorite Dearborn middle eastern food with Carmen, and loved stopping by old haunts and new places like the uber-hip new coffee shops.

Spending time with my sister, brother-in-law, dad, and nephew was the real highlight. We spent 2 days in Pentwater and Ludington, including a beautiful half-day at Lake Hamlin. Callen, my 2-year old nephew, is such a delight. He’s a happy, curious, kid and he probably went down 400 slides in the week I was home. I keep staring at photos of him and dreaming of moving back closer, I hate missing his laughter and joy.

Photo Jun 16, 8 18 58 AM

Photo Jun 16, 3 17 16 PM

In Chicago, Meghan and I drank Michigan beer and stayed up too late and spent the day walking through Chicago, stopping for shopping and donuts and Polish food, on our way to the Bean. In Madison I stayed with my Bestie from all the years back and met her partner for the first time. I haven’t seen her in years and haven’t been to Madison in more than a decade, but being in her space felt like home.

Photo Jun 19, 8 13 46 PMPhoto Jun 19, 8 24 42 PM


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